Arcual, a blockchain ecosystem providing smart contract solutions for the art community, will launch its latest feature, The Digital Dossier, before Zurich Art Weekend and Art Basel in early June. This feature will be highlighted through a unique sculptural artwork by British artist Phoebe Cummings at Art Basel’s Collectors Lounge booth, where Arcual is an official partner.

Known for her ephemeral sculptures reflecting on nature’s beauty and life cycle, Cummings crafts from raw, unfired clay. The intensive labor and skill invested in her pieces contrast sharply with their fleeting existence, as they drip, dry, shrink, and crack. The clay is then broken down and recycled, evolving across locations and time.

Cummings will create the sculpture at Art Basel, letting visitors observe her creative process. Surrounded by mirrors and immersive lighting, the interactive artwork will emphasize the connection between an artist, collector, and artwork.

The piece, bought and consigned through Arcual’s blockchain, will showcase a sustainable life cycle. Cummings will be the first to use the Digital Dossier, a tool allowing collectors to maintain all artwork documentation in one secure location. This feature interests Cummings as it enables different forms of artistic practice that may not yield a permanent object.

The Digital Dossier will include the digital Certificate of Authenticity (CoA), Resale Terms, and additional supporting documents related to an artwork, such as sketches, designs, photos of the artist’s creative process, shipping and installation instructions, condition reports, exhibition certificates, and more.

Bernadine Bröcker Wieder, Arcual’s CEO, stated that the Digital Dossier strengthens the bond between an artist and their artwork, letting them attach documents and images to enrich its narrative. She also highlighted the increased collector desire for deeper engagement with the artworks they buy, right from the start. She concluded that this new function significantly enhances the experience of owning and authenticating artwork, adding future value in a secure, easily accessible manner.


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