Art Blocks and Bright Moments have partnered to create a unique project that connects NFTs to real-life experiences. Each NFT will have a second, physical activation that can only be minted in a specific city, offering collectors the opportunity to interact with the artists who created their NFTs in a one-of-a-kind situation.

For the partnership, Art Blocks and Bright Moments have commissioned artist Michael Kozlowski (aka Mpkoz), to release a collection, entitled Metropolis. The collection features generative art NFTs based on architectural influences from five cities where Bright Moments galleries are located: London, Berlin, New York, Mexico City, and Los Angeles.

Kozlowski is optimistic that the collection will help bring generative art to a wider audience, saying that he believes that the fact that collectors don’t know what they’re getting when they mint their NFTs, and they get to see the minting happen in front of their eyes while standing next to the artists that made it, makes it a unique and special experience.

Digital art lovers may recognize Kozlowski as the artist behind Chimera, an early NFT collection minted on Art Blocks. According to data from OpenSea, the collection has a 2.16 ETH or about $3,700 floor price and a trading volume of 3,753 ETH, or nearly $6.4 million.

The minting of the 500-unit Metropolis collection kicks off online on February 22, but the in-person component will depend on which city each Metropolis NFT corresponds to. At the designated time, holders will be able to mint a “diptych,” which is a counterpart to the original NFT. The second work of art is free and can only be minted in real life.

Art Blocks and Bright Moments previously announced plans to collaborate on “experiential collaborations” in January. Art Blocks also partnered with Pace Verso in June to further its mission of bringing generative art to a wider audience. With their latest partnership, Art Blocks and Bright Moments indicate the still-growing interest in NFTs following last year’s “crypto winter” and the potential for NFTs to be used in creative ways that connect the digital and the physical.


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