CODAworx, an online community that celebrates commissioned artworks, has announced its first NFT-focused CODAsummit conference, taking place in Dania Beach, Florida, from March 29-31, 2023. 

A partnership with curated NFT platform CODAMADEa joint venture between MAD Studios and CODAworx built to pioneer public art NFTs — CODAsummit is an ongoing series of conferences focused on the ways creatives use technology to create art installations that change the way we experience our environments. 

This NFT-focused iteration of the conference will include a lineup of expert speakers ranging from renowned public artists and public art commissioners to NFT industry insiders who will delve into the technical, legal, and creative aspects of NFTs. Leading practitioners will share how they are using NFT technology to create new art forms and monetize their work, engage with their audiences, and push the boundaries of what is possible in the public art realm. 

The format includes theoretical and practical information, drawing from internationally-known artists, technologists, and thought-leaders in the worlds of art and design. Keynote speakers will present themes of interactivity, data visualization, and sensory experiences, and creative showcases will demonstrate how artists leverage the latest technologies. 

Speakers include digital artist Refik Anadol and Design Pavilion founder Ilene Shaw, among many others. Anadol is scheduled to give the keynote address and Shaw, along with artist Marjorie Guyon, will discuss their work on an upcoming project and how NFTs can animate a public place. 

The exhibition “Phygital Cities of the Future” will run alongside the CODAsummit. Juried by Ronnie K. Pirovino and curated by Tam Gryn and Phil Lique, this exhibition will showcase artworks by artists creating in the public sphere alongside digital works by artists moving into the physical sphere. “Phygital Cities of the Future” will highlight both real-world and imaginary projects that prioritize collectivity, humanity and social initiatives and ultimately benefit the community while providing the matrix for social coordination and economic support for the arts.  

Selected artists for the exhibition will be announced on February 23.

In addition to the conference, visitors can register for a hands-on workshop led by Mad’s Chief Creative Officer Roy Husdell. The workshop, to be held at Mad’s studio, will introduce visitors to the latest animation and digital production technologies. With hands-on demonstrations of their potential applications in the arts, visitors will have the chance to demo the industry’s most cutting-edge virtual production tools, including a Dolby Atmos sound studio and a Vicon system for motion capture. 

Registration is now open here.


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