As Armory week approaches, art enthusiasts have something new to look forward to: the tenth edition of the Cube Art Fair, the world’s largest public art fair, which is set to introduce a blend of artificial intelligence (AI) with traditional art forms.

The Cube Art Fair, known for its displays on buildings and billboards from New York to Brussels, is no stranger to innovation. This year, it’s venturing into the realm of AI, offering a fresh perspective on the relationship between technology and art.

When faced with pandemic restrictions, the fair adapted by transitioning from an in-person event to a digital showcase in public spaces. This adaptability has solidified its reputation as a forward-thinking art event.

Gregoire Vogelsang, the founder of Cube Art Fair, commented, “Our goal is to provide a platform for artists to showcase their creativity in meaningful ways.” With the introduction of the AI Art Fair, the event aims to explore the potential of technology in art, inviting attendees to consider its implications and possibilities.

From September 6-10, 2023, Times Square will host a selection of works from international artists, including Philippe Shangti, Noir Artist, Robert Leone, and Andreas Anastasis, all displayed on a prominent 15,000 sq/ft billboard.

The AI Art Fair seeks to highlight AI’s role as an enhancer of artistic expression. It’s not about replacing the artist but collaborating with them. The exhibit demonstrates how AI can be a tool for both traditional and digital artists.

In this unique setup, original artworks are paired with AI algorithms, which are influenced by the artist’s style. The collaboration aims to produce both enhanced and new artworks, guided by the artist’s vision.

With its commitment to making art accessible, Cube Art Fair continues to offer innovative ways for the public to engage with art, whether on city streets or through the lens of technology.


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