NFT art collective Art Attainment has announced its phygital NFT collection inspired by Rembrandt’s 1648 painting, “The Night Watch.” The launch date for both physical tiles and the NFT launch date is yet to be announced. 

Dubbed Delft Blue Night Watch (DBNW), the collection was digitized from 480 hand-painted tiles replicating Rembrandt’s famed portrait of a militia company.

The physical DBNW was hand-painted by two master painters in the style of Royal Delft Blue, a traditional technique dating back to the 17th century, originating from the Chinese Ming and Kangxi Dynasties. The tiles are currently on display at the Royal Delft Museum in The Netherlands. 

The 480 hand-painted tiles from the original artwork will be digitized and divided into three separate NFTs for a total of 1,440 unique digital collectibles. Each NFT will be backed by a blockchain-certified ceramic tile equivalent to the NFT. 

Why it Matters

We’re increasingly seeing NFT collections joined by physical, real-world counterparts. For example, Givenchy and Bstroy launched their second NFT project last November that gave buyers the ability to redeem their “digital twin” NFT after purchasing a physical item and in 2021, Gap partnered with Brandon Sines to launch a series of Gap Hoodie NFTs on Tezos. Each month, Prada offers a phygital NFT paired with an item of apparel for its “Timecapsule” series.

This emerging trend of “phygital” NFT collections is perhaps a means to appease customers following this year’s crypto collapse — marking digital ownership with physical, tangible goods.


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