The Web3 infrastructure firm ECHOOO and Coinlive, a leading news source and cryptocurrency data provider, are set to host their debut event, “The Great Web3er,” on April 12th. Collaborating with Jinse Finance, the gathering will take place at the Mirage Bar & Restaurant within the Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel.

Web3 technology has made significant strides, and its capacity to revolutionize business models across various sectors is substantial. Several industries have already adopted the Web3 transformation, while others are examining its potential by implementing Web3 technologies like blockchain and smart contracts to enhance transparency, efficiency, and security in their operations.

“The Great Web3er” aims to unite diverse segments of society through an evening of networking, connection, and collaboration. As attendees celebrate the achievements of the blockchain industry and look forward to a promising future, they will have the chance to engage with some of the most brilliant minds in the field. Investors, entrepreneurs, and curious individuals alike can forge new connections with like-minded professionals.

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