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The Web3 platform Galxe, which boasts a user base of over 30 million, is committed to fostering community growth through a diverse range of tools and services. It facilitates the growth of various networks, including Optimism and Polygon, by partnering with over 1,800 entities to develop reward-based loyalty programs.

Guiding Galxe’s marketing strategies is CMO Anne Well. Leveraging her extensive background in cross-cultural marketing, Well infuses a deep understanding of the global market into Galxe’s initiatives. She envisages a Web3 world devoid of barriers, a place where inclusivity reigns supreme, and individuals find unity in shared interests, transcending geographical and demographic boundaries.

Jing Culture & Crypto recently caught up with Well to discuss the core principles that underpin Galxe’s strategies, offering a glimpse into the innovative pathways they are carving out in the Web3 domain and delving into the heart of Galxe’s mission, which seeks to redefine brand engagement and foster a community grounded in connectivity and shared experiences.

Given your background in cross-cultural marketing, how do you believe Web3 can bridge cultural gaps and foster a more inclusive global community?

As a marketer with a background in cross-cultural marketing, I believe that Web3 has the potential to bridge cultural gaps and foster a more inclusive global community. This is because Web3 is not so much about your demographics (gender, location, etc.) but more about what calls to you. It’s about being part of communities that share your interests.

Web3 empowers individuals to curate their online identity through customizable avatars (PFPs) and pseudonyms, allowing them to choose how they present themselves to various communities. Whether opting for complete anonymity or using their real first name, Web3 breaks down barriers and bridges the gaps between cultures, ages, and geographic locations. It fosters a sense of belonging and inclusivity by connecting people based on their passions and shared interests, rather than predetermined labels.

As NFTs reshape brand engagement, how does Galxe plan to leverage them in its reward-based loyalty programs, and what potential do you see for major brands in the Web3 space?

As NFTs continue to reshape brand engagement, Galxe is committed to harnessing their potential within our reward-based loyalty programs. Within our platform, brands and projects have the flexibility to offer a variety of rewards, including tokens, Discord roles, and exclusive access to airdrops or merchandise.

In Galxe’s case, brands can choose to issue OAT badges (On-Chain Achievement Tokens) to their community members as a mark of participation in events, such as AMAs or in-person gatherings. Additionally, they can create custom NFTs on their own NFT contracts. An interesting approach is the creation of non-transferable NFTs through Galxe’s user-friendly, plug-and-play platform, a powerful way to incentivize and solidify brand loyalty.

We see this as a significant use case not only for Web3 but also for traditional marketing in the Web2 world. While NFTs can enhance more conventional loyalty programs, our primary focus is on nurturing long-term loyalty and enabling brands to identify and reward their early adopters effectively.

Galxe’s growth, with over 12 million users across 16 blockchains, is notable. What key strategies have been instrumental in achieving this expansive reach?

At Galxe, we’re committed to continuous innovation and the constant evolution of our platform. Currently, we’re proud to collaborate with over 3,000 partners, running more than 300 ongoing campaigns on a weekly basis. Our approach is deeply rooted in listening to our partners’ needs and continually developing new tools to enhance their engagement with their communities and reward their most dedicated users.

Our ethos at Galxe centers on inclusivity and openness. We understand the importance of integrating new blockchain chains and offering a diverse range of features and possibilities for both our partners and users. This commitment to adaptability and diversity has been a cornerstone of our success. Galxe remains dynamic, ensuring users never tire of our platform. We consistently add support for new chains and incorporate trending features, staying as up-to-date as possible in our fast-paced industry.

A pivotal strategy we employ is our Ecosystem Campaigns. Each time we integrate a new blockchain, we host a comprehensive campaign, bringing together 10 to 15 DApps built on that specific chain. For instance, the Solana Sol Cool Campaign, Optimism Quest, Abitrum Odyssey, and our most recent Linea Voyage campaign have all exemplified this approach. These campaigns are a testament to our dedication to creating vibrant, interconnected ecosystems within the Web3 space.

With the success of Mission Web3’s learn-to-earn initiative, can you hint at any upcoming initiatives that Galxe is exploring to further engage its community?

Over time, we’ve cultivated a thriving community at Galxe, with members who actively engage in various quests, explore our new features, and tune in to our weekly radio show. While we offer numerous campaigns and quests through our partners, we also place great emphasis on hosting our own initiatives to foster a deeper connection with our community. Our dedicated community team continually works on crafting weekly and monthly initiatives, such as the Community Space Mission. This initiative rewards our most loyal astronauts for successfully completing missions within the Galxe Community.

One campaign we’re particularly excited about is our Holiday Campaign, which has become a cherished tradition for us. We’re currently hard at work planning the December 2023 edition. Recognizing our global community, inclusivity is paramount for us. Hence, this year, we’re evolving our Holiday Campaign into an End of Year Campaign, ensuring that all our community members can participate and celebrate together.

We’re also working towards making sure our community’s experience is the best it can be and soon they’ll get to experience Galxe in a completely new and improved way!


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