Scorpios, a Mykonos-based creative hub, has joined forces with art and tech pioneers HOFA for an innovative program titled “In Resonance.” This initiative marks the debut of Scorpios Encounters, a platform dedicated to fostering cultural experimentation.

Kicking off on July 13 and running through September 3, “In Resonance” is a seven-week summer program meticulously curated to feature installations by leading generative artists, exclusive digital art drops, high-profile music collaborations, and live performances. According to the organizers, it is the most extensive collection of AI and digital artists and musicians ever assembled in which the works can be purchased through Scorpios’ new digital marketplace.

Elio D’Anna, the co-founder of HOFA, recently characterized “In Resonance” as a multidisciplinary program that unites top AI artists and renowned musicians. The objective is to probe the profound connections between art and music, viewing them as reflections and natural evolutions of each other.

The program is headlined by globally acclaimed Turkish-American media artist and director, Refik Anadol. Anadol, known for his immersive and interactive works, has seen his digital collectibles amass over $30 million in sales, with collaborations with prestigious institutions like Sotheby’s Hong Kong and MOMA New York.

Aldeia Sagrada Yawanawa (c) Camilla Coutinho for Impact One

Anadol plans to unveil a new collection of artworks at Scorpios, created in collaboration with the Yawanawa Indigenous communities of Brazil. This partnership, facilitated by Impact One, explores the profound connections between human consciousness and nature. Proceeds from the collaboration will be directed towards initiatives protecting Yawanawa heritage.

Joining Anadol in headlining “In Resonance” is Dr Ivona Tau, a pioneering female AI artist known for her experimental photography and motion paintings. Tau’s new works, developed in collaboration with dancefloor maestro Jean Claude Ades, are based on light data collected from the island of Delos.

The program also features works by French generative artist and musician Agoria, New Zealander Jesse Woolston, Australian light sculptor Jason Sims, and Azeri new media artist Orkhan, among others. Each artist brings a unique perspective, exploring themes ranging from the power of AI in combating climate change to the exploration of natural systems through light.

Thomas Heyne, co-founder and president of Scorpios, believes “In Resonance” will resonate with Scorpios’ growing community. Said Heyne, “Charting new creative territory is what we do at Scorpios. Our vision for ‘In Resonance’ is to create a more multidimensional and fulfilling experience for artists and our community.”


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