French-Japanese music and fashion label Maison Kitsuné is moving into the art space with its latest endeavor, Galerie Kitsuné. Since its opening late last month, the gallery has hosted an exhibition titled A Chair is a Chair is a Chair, featuring the artist Mario Navarro and curated by balcony magazine. In addition to regular art shows, the space also plans to host poetry readings, short film premieres, and talks. The gallery also features a Cafe Kitsuné, one of 18 across the globe.

Galerie Kitsuné

In addition to art shows, the gallery plans to host poetry readings, short film premieres, and talks. Image: Vicente Muñoz / Galerie Kitsuné

Galerie Kitsuné is located in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill neighborhood. According to Sarah Carrier, Cultural and Lifestyle Manager at Maison Kitsuné, who’s heading the gallery, it is the perfect space for Galerie Kitsuné. “With new exhibitions every month, we’ll continue to build relationships with locals and hope to create a community feel,” she says, noting that Galerie Kitsuné has also launched a virtual gallery accessible to global fans. 

Aligning with Maison Kitsune’s retail strategy, Galerie Kitsuné will also feature exhibition-related retail items. “Our collaboration with GFDA this month will include limited edition clothing items, as well as their world-famous book,” Carrier says, in reference to Profanely Profound, an exhibition opening this week showcasing prints by the Pittsburgh-based design film.

Maison Kitsuné has also opened a Libraire Kitsuné bookstore, which features limited-run independent magazines and fashion and art books. Carrier says that Maison Kitsuné’s curatorial programs aim to bring consumers new perspectives, whether through a music event or an art exhibition.

For the brand, Galerie Kitsuné is a step towards creating a cyclical retail and gallery ecosystem, something many institutions are experimenting with. “With the Brooklyn opening, we felt that the gallery would be the perfect opportunity to give customers a wider spectrum of what we believe in as a brand,” says Carrier. “Maison Kitsuné is more than just a retail brand; it has always been about providing a lifestyle.”


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