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Guild Hall, nestled in the heart of the Hamptons at 158 Main Street, East Hampton, is renowned as the region’s cultural jewel. It continues its tradition of celebrating local artistry with the 84th Artist Members Exhibition. Running through January 8, the event honors a legacy that began in 1938 and stands as the oldest non-juried museum exhibition on Long Island.

Guild Hall’s exhibition is more than just a display of local artwork; it is a historic event, regarded as the oldest non-juried museum exhibition on Long Island. This democratic approach to art curation has seen the participation of art-world giants like Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock, setting the stage for a rich array of creative expressions.

The 2023 exhibition, overseen by Virginia Lebermann, co-founder of Ballroom Marfa, features over 300 artists, blending works by established figures with emerging talents. Top honors were awarded to Claire Watson for “Bye Gone,” with special recognition given to artists such as Michael Butler and Philippe Cheng. This mix of accolades underlines the exhibition’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity in art.

Among the standout pieces are those from Andrew Gershon’s series “The Flower Garden in My Mind” – vibrant acrylic works that capture the essence of the Hamptons’ natural beauty. “Central Park in My Mind #4” offers an introspective take on one of New York’s most iconic landscapes, reflecting the deep connection between the artists and their environments.

The exhibition expanded beyond the walls of Guild Hall, with a series of Lunch Break discussions and Creative Labs, inspired by the exhibited works, inviting the public to delve deeper into the artistic process. These interactive events are central to Guild Hall’s mission of fostering a dynamic art community. Located at 158 Main Street, Guild Hall stands as the cultural jewel of the Hamptons. It’s not just an exhibition space; it’s a community hub that nurtures local artistry and dialogue. The annual Artist Members Exhibition is a highlight of its cultural calendar, drawing art enthusiasts from across the region and beyond.

This event provides a crucial platform for artists in the region, many of whom are exhibiting their work for the first time. It’s an opportunity for them to gain exposure and for art collectors to discover new talents. The blend of professional and amateur works creates a rich tapestry that reflects the diverse artistic voices of the Hamptons.


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