HeartX, formerly known as ArteX, has introduced a new Web3 marketplace and community platform aimed at artists, collectors, art consultants, and enthusiasts. According to a company release, the platform seeks to facilitate the exploration of digital art’s value in a secure and accessible environment while catering to various stakeholders in the Web3 space.

The HeartX interface allows artists to present their NFT-based digital art to a worldwide audience, with a built-in art evaluation system that enables users to vote on art pieces and earn tokens as a reward for their participation. The company holds that this functionality contributes to the development of an interactive and dynamic online art community.

In its inaugural season, HeartX is implementing a series of features intended to encourage user engagement and incentivize participation. The “vote-to-earn” model provides users with tokens for voting on art pieces, including both the most and least popular works. The platform’s “tokenomics” model comprises two types of tokens, $HTX and $HNX.

With the rebranding and introduction of innovative features, the question remains whether the rebranded HeartX will achieve greater success than its predecessor, ArteX. Only time will tell if these changes will resonate with the digital art community as we move beyond the early boom times of NFTs.