The inaugural Multichain Open Edition (MOE) graces the blockchain today in a collaborative effort with Dan Witz, with editions from Spacebrat and Amber Vittoria soon to follow.

Holograph‘s new MOE feature seeks to revolutionize the way art is produced, distributed, and collected by enabling artists to create distinctive, open-edition digital artworks that can be accessed across multiple blockchains simultaneously instead of just one.

This cutting-edge feature allows creators to sell multichain open editions directly to collectors from their own personalized page. With just a few clicks, artists can establish their primary mint page on Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Avalanche concurrently.

Holograph has enlisted the talents of three globally acclaimed artists to introduce MOEs: Dan Witz, Spacebrat, and Amber Vittoria. These artists will unveil digital artworks exclusively mintable on Holograph’s app (, granting collectors the flexibility to mint NFTs on any blockchain using any token, and then bridge them for sale on any marketplace.

Dan Witz, celebrated for his hyperrealistic paintings and street art, debuts his piece “Mosh 2000″ today, which was previously featured in a collaboration with luxury fashion brand Dior.

In the coming weeks, Holograph will present two additional Multichain Open Editions by Spacebrat, a visual artist and musician known for creating surreal and psychedelic artwork, and Amber Vittoria, a Brooklyn-based illustrator recognized for her vibrant and striking creations.

Holograph’s MOEs provide an innovative way for artists and collectors to interact and transact, while also guaranteeing the authenticity and provenance of each artwork.

“Mosh 2000” by Dan Witz will be available to mint for 48 hours starting April 25 at


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