Jack Butcher, the founder of Visualize Value, is expanding the Checks NFTs ecosystem with a new project called Checks Elements. This project combines generative artwork with hand-drawn physical prints.

Checks Elements is a collection of 152 pieces of generative art inspired by the classical elements of earth, fire, water, and air. Each artwork is a unique algorithmically-generated composition representing these elements and explores the relationship between consensus and truth.

To create the collection, Butcher modified the algorithm used for the original Checks collection and collaborated with master printmaker Jean Robert Milant and Cirrus editions. They translated the digital artworks into hand-drawn 30×43-inch monoprints using a vintage lithographic printing press. Each physical artwork was authenticated with Butcher’s fingerprint and paired with an Ethereum-based NFT.

Three of the four “Alpha” elements will be auctioned at Christie’s from May 16 to 23, with proceeds benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The physical and digital versions will be displayed at Christie’s New York gallery from May 20. The remaining Checks Elements, including the fourth Alpha element, will be available through a 24-hour public auction starting on June 24.

Butcher mentioned that while some dynamics from the original Checks collections will be used in the auction, Checks Elements may not be interoperable with other gamified pieces. However, the project is intended to complement the existing Checks ecosystem.

The trend of NFT artists embracing physical forms of their artworks is growing. Artists like Tyler Hobbs and galleries like Pace Gallery have exhibited large-scale prints of NFTs. Similarly, Art Blocks and NFT Gallery Bright Moments organized physical activations tied to specific cities, allowing owners of Metropolis NFTs to mint a second physical piece.


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