Ukrainian ceramicist Serhii Makhno has launched his first NFT collection inspired by his 2019 DIDO ceramic collection. 

DIDO characters are fantastic beasts that live in Ukrainian cities and towns: laughing bears, moustachioed lions, dreamy sheep, and grasshoppers with curly tails. Each DIDO is created from Makhno’s sketches and made in limited quantities, organized into families of 10 to 15 members.

Each NFT comes with a unique ceramic copy of the sculpture. The sculpture will have the token smart contract number on its back and 10% of each token sale will be transferred to support the Ukrainian people. 

Makhno considers his primary goal to rebuild the Ukrainian identity and translate ancient traditions into architecture, interior design and decor. The DIDO collection reflects this by referencing ancient Ukrainian folklore.

MAKHNO Studio is currently working on creating a virtual gallery to host its architecture, design and artwork to extend its Web3 and metaverse presence in 2023. 

The NFT collection is available on 1stDibs.