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New York City is poised to enhance its vibrant cultural landscape with the introduction of Mercer Labs, Museum of Art and Technology (MOAT), a new institution that merges art and technology in an immersive setting. MOAT, occupying the historic 21 Dey Street, a former section of Century 21, marks a significant development in the city’s art scene.

Co-founded by Israeli artist Roy Nachum and real estate developer Michael Cayre, MOAT spans 36,000 square feet and three levels. The museum is set to offer fifteen immersive experiences, utilizing advanced technology to create sensory-rich installations. This ambitious project aims to transform the traditional museum experience into an interactive and engaging journey for visitors.

Beyond its artistic offerings, MOAT also includes a mochi bar and a concept store featuring contemporary brands and limited edition pieces. This combination of art, retail, and technology reflects MOAT’s broader mission to blend different aspects of modern culture.

Scheduled for a grand opening in February, MOAT is being heralded as a groundbreaking addition to New York’s already rich museum landscape. Its unique approach to integrating art and technology is expected to draw both art enthusiasts and tech experts, offering a new perspective on how art is experienced and interacted with.

As the city awaits MOAT’s inauguration, the museum represents a significant moment in the evolution of artistic expression and audience engagement. MOAT very well could be more than an addition to New York’s array of cultural offerings and represent a shift in the conceptualization of art spaces. This “museum of the future” stands as a testament to the city’s ongoing reinvention in the arts, bridging the realms of visual, auditory, and tactile stimuli in a singular, immersive environment.

MOAT’s upcoming unveiling is anticipated to set a new benchmark in the confluence of art and technology, offering a multifaceted experience that goes beyond mere observation. It invites visitors to immerse themselves in a dynamic dialogue between artistic creativity and technological innovation.


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