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Imagine navigating a world where every piece of information tugs you in opposing directions, blurring the lines between the tangible and the abstract. This is the realm Michael Dayton Hermann invites you to explore in “REconstituted,” his solo exhibition at Baxter St. at the Camera Club of New York (CCNY). Running from March 5 to May 8, 2024, Hermann presents a riveting exploration of our “post-truth” society, where the lines between the real and the fabricated not only blur but dance in an intricate ballet of contradictions.

Michael Dayton Hermann, a multidisciplinary artist based in New York, has spent over two decades crafting a practice that resists easy classification. His work spotlights the inherent dichotomies of modern life, suggesting that unity and division, success and failure, can coexist within the same space. By repurposing discarded objects, personalizing public monuments, and finding beauty in the decorative and the flawed, Hermann’s art transforms the mundane into the extraordinary.

A centerpiece of the exhibition, “If You Break Me, I’m Yours,” incorporates a funeral flag from Hermann’s great uncle, a WWII bombardier, challenging viewers to reflect on the dual significance of symbols like the funeral flag. It embodies both the weight of tradition and the potential for creative rebirth. “REconstituted” prompts a contemplation on the evolution of society, art, and technology through both achievements and setbacks.

Hermann’s illustrious career is underpinned by an MFA from Hunter College, NYC, where he studied art theory with conceptual artist Robert Morris. His endeavors extend beyond the visual arts to include significant contributions to business, philanthropy, and public speaking, underscoring the vital role of art in societal dialogue.

Noteworthy is Hermann’s involvement with the Warhol Foundation, where his initiative “Andy Warhol: Machine Made” introduced a groundbreaking auction of NFTs by Christie’s, honoring Warhol’s legacy while supporting the foundation’s philanthropic mission through strategic partnerships with high-profile brands.

Baxter St. at CCNY, the host of “REconstituted,” is an institution committed to nurturing lens-based artists since 1884. Offering residencies, critique groups, and educational programs, Baxter St. is a hub for socially engaged art, making it an ideal venue for Hermann’s exhibition. Its dedication to diversity and inclusion resonates with the thematic concerns of Hermann’s work, positioning “REconstituted” as a pivotal addition to its programming.

“REconstituted” by Michael Dayton Hermann not only showcases the artist’s interrogation of digital imagery’s influence on our consciousness but also engages with wider cultural and societal dialogues. Through his layered, multidimensional works, Hermann invites viewers to navigate the intricacies of the contemporary world, challenging them to find balance in contradiction and to appreciate the beauty in the often overlooked.


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