Americana, a digital collecting venture launched in 2022, has unveiled its beta platform. Backed by Alexis Ohanian’s 776, Opensea, and FUTURE, and led by Jake Frey, Americana aims to set a new standard for buying, selling, storing, and managing collectibles. The venture seeks to empower collectors to showcase their authentic selves and effortlessly sell valuable items.

By eliminating the friction surrounding traditional sale and acquisition processes, Americana enables authentic, protected assets to be transacted with ease on the blockchain. The venture aspires to be at the forefront of the collector market, driving the transformation of the landscape by delivering frictionless asset acquisition, exhibition, and assured asset appreciation.

With Americana, users can manage all aspects of asset management on the platform, from storage and shipping to showcasing and tracking finances. This all-in-one service streamlines the buying and selling process, making it easier for users to trade high-end collectibles with peace of mind.

Creators can also verify the identity of their art collectors, ensuring that the system is entirely trackable and transparent, a feature not previously seen in the vaulting space. The platform seeks to empower creators and collectors to sell their high-end collectibles on their own terms, granting them complete autonomy over the selling process.

Americana is committed to providing creator royalties to support creators and their estates. Topographical and 3D digitization techniques, coupled with creator collaborations, generate a constellation of data unique to the work. Americana records this data onto the blockchain for secure and transparent COA and provenance tracking.

The platform will also generate distinctive digital fingerprints using an innovative technique that involves capturing multiple photos of an object from various angles. This process, known as photogrammetry, will enable Americana to triangulate points on the artwork and accurately plot them in 3D space.


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