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Following Capgemini Research Institute’s latest report, titled “Total Immersion: How immersive experiences and the metaverse benefit customer experience and operations,” we break down the numbers in the study on how immersive projects and the metaverse are improving consumer experiences across the globe.

77 percent of respondents stated that they expect immersive experiences in Web3 to influence social interaction, as well as brands and services. But only 4 percent of these would describe themselves as metaverse-literate.

When it comes to companies preparing themselves for the metaverse, 40 percent of businesses still see immersive experience initiatives as one-off projects as opposed to long-term avenues for improvement, while 56 percent “have no clear roadmap for adopting such technology.”

As for purchases made in Web3, around 50 percent of respondents stated that they are willing to buy physical products in the digital world, with 61 percent of these claiming that they would purchase fashion goods in the metaverse.

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