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Phillips, in a landmark collaboration with the Digital Art Fair, is currently hosting an online auction that marks a significant moment in the digital art world. The auction, which opened for bidding on December 6 and will run until December 13, showcases a remarkable selection of digital artworks by celebrated artists such as Refik Anadol, Emily Xie, and David Ariew.

At the forefront of this innovative sale is Refik Anadol’s ‘Bosphorus B’: Data Sculpture (2018), an AI data painting that offers a mesmerizing interplay between nature and technology. Drawing inspiration from high-frequency radar data of the Marmara Sea, Anadol transforms a month-long collection of sea surface activity data into a visually captivating and poetic representation, challenging the boundaries of our sensory experience of the natural world.

The auction also features works by David Ariew, whose digital landscapes blur the line between the surreal and the hyper-real, and Emily Xie, who is celebrated for her pioneering approach to generative art. Xie’s ‘Crescent Blue’, a specially commissioned 1/1 work, is a highlight of the sale, showcasing her skill in melding traditional artistic techniques with modern technology.

Benjamin Kandler, Project Lead for Digital Art at Phillips, expressed enthusiasm about the ongoing event. “Our partnership with the Digital Art Fair underscores our commitment to the evolving art landscape,” Kandler said. He highlighted the auction as a crucial step in integrating digital art within the global art market, showcasing both established and emerging talents.

Gillian Howard, Founder & Global Fair Director of the Digital Art Fair, emphasized the significance of this collaboration. “Working with Phillips, we’re creating a bridge between the emerging world of digital art and the established traditional art market,” Howard stated, reflecting on the journey to reshape the artistic landscape and pave the way for future creativity.

This curated online sale represents Phillips’ dedication to pioneering new categories in the art market, providing a platform for the fusion of traditional and digital art forms. The sale offers an unprecedented opportunity for collectors to acquire works from some of the most innovative digital artists of our time.

The auction, which is already capturing the attention of art enthusiasts worldwide, will conclude at 6 pm HKT on December 13. Meanwhile, selected works from the sale are on public exhibition at Phillips’ galleries in the West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong, until the auction’s close.


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