NFTs are nothing new and yet, in the early months of 2021, they dominated art commerce and art world conversations. After one landmark Christie’s sale kindled the equivalent of a gold rush for digital collectibles, NFTs have been minted of everything from tweets to sneakers to at least one New York Times op-ed column, just as new collectors hastened to sink cryptocurrency into NFTs. The art establishment has been forced to to come to terms with the medium and the art market to reassess its investments. Even the historically cautious museum has made tentative inquiries into the potential of NFT art.

As a close observer of crypto art’s emergence, Jing Culture & Commerce is excited to unveil NFTs and Cultural Institutions: A Guide To The Crypto Space For Museums And The Arts, our new report that explores how NFTs might intersect with the interests of arts organizations. Within its pages, you’ll find:

  • Gallery perspectives from Kate Vass Galerie, Almine Rech Gallery, and König Galerie 
  • A case study in exhibiting NFTs featuring Beijing’s UCCA Lab
  • An inside look into Sotheby’s and Pak’s partnership
  • How museums can adopt cryptocurrency for admissions and donations
  • The emergence of virtual worlds like Cryptovoxels and Decentraland 

In spotlighting the galleries and museums that have entered the crypto realm, NFTs and Cultural Institutions uncovers how the NFT ecosystem can play a role in their curatorial and fundraising efforts. Museum and cultural professionals will find key considerations worth undertaking before dipping or diving into the NFT ecosystem, and the opportunities that crypto adoption and application offer.

Download NFTs and Cultural Institutions:
A Guide To The Crypto Space For Museums And The Arts


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