A Seychelles vacation can seem distant at the best of times — all the more so amid stringent travel restrictions and the surging Delta variant. It’s a sentiment somewhat unwittingly captured by the Seychelles Tourism Board’s slogan “Another World,” but when it comes to China, the NTO is keeping future tourists dreaming. 

It recently inaugurated a two-week showcase as part of the “Around The World” campaign held at aquarium Changfeng Ocean World (also known as Sea Life Shanghai). It’s focused not only on the region’s marine biodiversity, but its emphasis on environmental protection and sustainable tourism. 

Seychelles Tourism Board's Around The World Campaign

Sea Life Shanghai plays host to the two weeks-long “Around The World” campaign, which spotlights the region’s marine biodiversity in family-friendly activities. Image: Sea Life Shanghai

The campaign

Throughout the summer vacation, Changfeng Ocean World, operated by attractions giant Merlin Entertainments, is hosting “Around The World” alongside five international tourism boards: Fiji, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Iceland, and Seychelles.

For two-week slots, each tourism board is staging a physical promotion sharing their island’s characteristics through videos, images, and multimedia.

Seychelles Tourism Board's Around The World Campaign

The campaign will stage physical promotions at locations from the United Kingdom to Singapore. Image: WeChat 

The aquarium welcomes around half a million visitors annually and the campaign is aimed at young families accustomed to traveling internationally during the summer months. 

Changfeng Ocean World is luring attendance through releasing a seasonal family ticket and issuing a logbook for children to fill out. The logbook encourages young visitors to “check-in” and learn at points around the aquarium, some created by the DMOs spotlighting their country’s ocean life. Collecting all the “check-ins” is rewarded with exclusive gifts. 

The “Around The World” campaign is being held in collaboration with The Octonauts a popular children’s television program from the BBC. Since late 2020, the underwater adventures of the show have been brought to life onsite through an IP licensing deal with Silvergate Media, which led to Ray Bay, a new aquarium featuring many of the show’s species. 

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What Seychelles Tourism Board said

“Consumers are focusing more and more on environmental protection and experiences that are centered on nature due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Seychelles’ long history of continuous environmental protection efforts and sustainable tourism creates a key tourism destination for future potential travelers.” — Jean-Luc Lai-Lam, Director for China, Seychelles Tourism Board