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The Shilla Duty Free has launched its Lunar New Year marketing campaign with an array of online and in-store discounts and other promotions aimed at Chinese customers.

On January 18 and 19 a live-streaming event featuring “wanghong,” Chinese social-media influencers, garnered 30 million online views, according to Shilla.

On January 23, wanghong from popular Chinese travel sites such as Mafengwo, Ctrip and Tuniu will visit The Shilla Duty Free downtown store in Seoul to promote the company and its Chinese New Year events.

The Lunar New Year campaign from the Shilla Duty Free uses “wanghong,” Chinese social-media stars and influencers

A further live-streaming event will be held on January 24.

Phone books: The special wallets can be attached to customers’ mobile phones

In addition, between January 26 and February 26, the Seoul branch of The Shilla Duty Free will give away more than 2,000 prepaid gift cards and wallets that can be attached to the mobile phones of any customers spending at least $200 (RMB 1,358).

The cards will feature the word “fortune” printed upside-down in Chinese. This honors a Chinese custom stemming from the identical pronunciation of the phrase “luck to you” and the upside-down form of the word “luck.”

In addition, until February 10, every customer who buys at least $1,000 of goods is eligible to enter a “Lucky Ball” event to win prizes such as gift cards, thermos flasks and travel pouches.

At Incheon International Airport Terminal 1, all customers who spend at least $300 and $500 will respectively receive $10 and $20 gift cards to be used on the same day.

To mark what the company is calling this year’s “Korea Grand Sale,” The Shilla Duty Free will make additional offers such as prepaid gift cards and tax-free refunds of up to $20.

Customers are offered samples and promotional discounts as part of the celebrations

Online stores are also offering discounts as part of the campaign. Discounts of up to 40 percent will be made on products including international and Korean cosmetics, fashion accessories, youth products, food and “daily essentials.” These discounts run until February 6.

At The Shilla Duty Free’s Chinese website, customers can win prizes including a Samsung laptop, a Ctrip gift certificate worth RMB 3,000 ($341), a one-night stay at the Shilla Hotel and gift cards.

Finally, from February 1 to February 10, Chinese customers can download a gold membership card from Shilla’s Chinese website and present it at the Seoul or Jeju stores.

They will then receive a gold membership card featuring discounts of up to 15 percent on certain goods.