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This November, Singapore is preparing to host an international gathering of cultural professionals as the COMMUNICATING THE ARTS conference takes place at the National Gallery of Singapore.

The three-day event, running from November 20th to 22nd, will bring together 200 cultural representatives from 15 countries, including those with expertise in immersive exhibitions, contemporary curating, and multimedia arts.

The conference, which began its journey in 2000 in collaboration with Tate, has been a focal point for arts professionals. Its mission revolves around enhancing communication strategies and public engagement across performing arts, visual arts, and heritage sectors. Anne-Laure Béatrix, who served as the General Administrator of the Louvre Museum in 2018, lauded the event, describing it as “the best platform to engage in high-caliber conversations with my peers.”

The conference has historically been a meeting point for arts professionals, focusing on communication strategies and public engagement in various arts sectors. Anne-Laure Béatrix, former General Administrator of the Louvre Museum, previously commented on the event’s value for peer discussions.

This year, the conference aims to explore the intersection of arts and technology. Topics will include the role of immersive exhibitions and the evolving challenges and opportunities in the cultural sector’s attention economy.

The two-day agenda is as follows:

  • 21 November: “IMMERSIVE REVOLUTION: NEW AVENUES FOR THE ARTS” will discuss the attention economy and immersive experiences.
  • 22 November: “PUSH THE BOUNDARIES: IMAGINE THE FUTURE” will invite delegates to consider the potential technological advancements in the cultural sector.

The event will feature a panel of 60 international speakers, including Wesley Shaw from the Art Gallery of NSW, Nick Sharp of the National Gallery of Art, and Scarlett Hu from the Getty Museum.

In addition to panel discussions, attendees can expect a range of programs, from keynotes to workshops. Additional offerings include wellbeing sessions, press interactions, mentoring, and networking opportunities. The social program will include receptions, cultural tours, and exhibition visits.

One of the conference’s initiatives is the “30 UNDER 30” program, a mentoring opportunity for emerging leaders. Corinne Estrada, the founder of COMMUNICATING THE ARTS, highlighted the program’s focus on supporting the next generation of cultural leaders.


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