As China continues to grapple with the coronavirus, it is important to acknowledge how deeply the outbreak is affecting the lives of an entire nation.

The sacrifices made by medical workers and volunteers should be at the forefront of public attention at this trying time. It goes without saying that art is of secondary importance at the moment, but actions of support by its representative organizations remain important.

Standing Together Through Thick and Thin” is one such response with Chinese arts institutions aiding the relief effort through an online auction of donated artwork. All proceeds will go to the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation, a charity whose efforts are primarily focused on the welfare of women and children.

Launched by HOW Art Museum, HOW Store, Yitiao, Modern Media Group, MOVE THE MIND, ART021 and 30 major domestic and international arts institutions, the charity auction will fund the procurement of medical supplies for around 100 schools in areas affected by the virus.

From promotion to item cataloguing to auction, the process is entirely digital and organizers are calling on institutions and individuals to donate artwork. Interested individuals can join the auction on on short-video content platform Yitiao from March 2  to 5.

HOW Art Museum and HOWStore have already pledged 30 items worth 1 million RMB in value ($143,000).

“The new coronavirus has sent the whole of China into a state of emergency and we hope to contribute our obligations so that we might show art has the power to inspire courage in times of great grief,” HOW Art Museum stated in a press release encouraging participation in “Standing Together Through Thick and Thin”.

Institutions or individuals wishing to learn more about the “Standing Together Through Thick and Thin” can click here or email richard[at]

Cover image: HOW Art Museum 


MOVE THE MIND is a proud sponsor of “Standing Together Through Thick and Thin” and a sister organization of Jing Travel. To learn more about MOVE THE MIND scan the QR code above.












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