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In a celebration of contemporary art and cultural vibrancy, The Peninsula Hotels recently announced the return of its acclaimed “Art in Resonance” program. This renowned initiative reaffirms The Peninsula’s commitment to the arts and emerging artists. The relaunch of “Art in Resonance” coincides with Hong Kong Art Week, offering a captivating collection of newly commissioned artworks from visionary artists. The exhibition, which is open to the public, will take place at The Peninsula’s iconic Hong Kong flagship property.

Originally introduced in 2019, “Art in Resonance” garnered acclaim for providing deeply immersive experiences for guests across The Peninsula’s hotels in different cities. This commission-based art program aims to support the cultural ecosystem by offering emerging artists funding, curatorial support, and logistical assistance to create significant new public artworks.

Starting in late March, visitors to The Peninsula Hong Kong will be treated to an inspiring collection of artworks. The exhibition will feature impressive works by artists Kingsley Ng, Lachlan Turczan, Elise Morin, and Saya Woolfalk. Kingsley Ng, a Hong Kong local, will present “Esmeralda,” a monumental sculpture that will hover above the hotel’s iconic façade. Ng describes the installation as an exploration of the physics of gravity and the buoyancy of air, engaging in a dialogue with the city itself.

Lachlan Turczan’s “Harmonic Resonance” is a kinetic sculpture that invites viewers into a mesmerizing exploration of visible sound. The artwork uses infrasonic tones to create oscillating patterns on the surface of a water pool, providing an immersive experience. Elise Morin’s “SOLI” has been expanded specifically for the Hong Kong exhibition, now adorned with an additional 4,000 crushed CDs. Morin’s work serves as a commentary on the material burden of objects, resembling a whale breaching the ocean’s surface. Meanwhile, Saya Woolfalk’s “Visionary Reality Portal” is a digital portal for meditation and contemplation of other worlds. This multisensory video installation will be open to the public, offering a kaleidoscopic experience.

The Peninsula Hotels have a long-standing commitment to promoting the cultural richness of their destination cities. They have hosted artist residencies, exhibitions, talks, and workshops, fostering a deep connection between guests and the local art scene. The exhibition artworks will be on display at The Peninsula Hong Kong through May before traveling to other Peninsula properties. During the exhibition, The Peninsula Hong Kong will offer free access to all pieces, guided tours, special dining experiences, and other activations to celebrate the artists and the city’s renewed vibrancy.