Virtual humans had a notably enhanced and expanded role on the NYE countdown shows of multiple Chinese platforms.

On Snowbeer SuperX On-the-Cloud Boom’s Night Show, virtual idol LimX and SuperX brand ambassador Wang Yibo performed on a futuristic virtual stage to celebrate New Year’s Eve. On Dragon TV’s New Year’s Eve Gala, the TV channel’s virtual human Dongfang Ai debuted with an XR performance. Sponsored by Galaxy Z, the RetaLand Metaverse New Year’s Eve Concert featured performances by multiple digital humans, among them Chinese actor Gongjun’s avatar Ji Feng, virtual idol group VirtualReal’s member Nanako, and China’s first virtual fashion KOL, Xing Tong.

Meanwhile, on Bilibili’s 2023 countdown stage, virtual singer Luo Tianyi celebrated the 10th year anniversary of her debut. Yet Hunan Satellite TV was arguably the most notable platform, featuring a virtual host, virtual musicians, and a metahuman motion-capture show on its New Year’s Eve stage.


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