On June 14 and 15, the Musée des Art Décoratifs in Paris will host the Web3 Summit, “Proof of Talk.” This two-day event, unlike traditional Web3 summits that often suffer from overcrowding, will limit participation to under 1,000 attendees. The restricted number is intended to encourage meaningful discourse and networking among thought leaders, CEOs, founders, influencers, legal experts, and regulatory authorities within the Web3 ecosystem.

The summit’s agenda is designed around restoring trust in the Web3 industry, with over 85 industry leaders set to discuss concrete strategies. Alongside these high-profile conversations, the summit will spotlight digital art trends within a curated framework.

An integral part of the summit’s program is the exhibition “At first glance – À première vue.” Curated by Luisa Ausenda, founder of Studio Leggero, the exhibition will feature works from twelve renowned digital artists. Attendees are encouraged to engage in a more in-depth exploration of the art on display, transcending the fleeting, distracted attention often found at events where art is not the primary focus.

The selected artworks delve deep into complex themes like gender, equality, and speculation, or showcase remarkable technical innovation. The featured artists – including Addie Wagenknecht, Andrea Bonaceto, Andrés Reisinger, Auriea Harvey, Benoit Challand, Hermine Bourdin, Rafaël Rozendaal, Sarah Meyohas, Skygolpe, Sofia Crespo, Trevor Jones & Wonderkatzi – are noted for their inventive utilization of blockchain and new technologies.

The exhibition encompasses a range of digital art mediums, from virtual and augmented reality to artificial intelligence, generative art, and programmable art. This variety intends to challenge and stimulate viewers to understand the creative processes behind the artworks.

In line with the summit’s goal of promoting meaningful dialogue, “At first glance – À première vue” aims to foster discussions around the exhibited artworks and the use of blockchain technology as a creative catalyst. The hope is that such interactions will yield significant insights and reflections, adding another layer of value to the “Proof of Talk” summit.


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