No single market is more valuable to the global travel industry than China. With more than 150 million Chinese travelers cancelling their domestic and international trips due to coronavirus, the tourism industry – worth 10 percent of global GDP – is being hit hard.

From Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), to museums, to cultural monuments, the pivot to digital has been a swift and necessary attempt to maintain social engagement. In China, however, this transformation took place years ago. Understanding the nuances of its digital landscape is essential for those hoping to connect with a young, digital-savvy, and curious consumer. Strategies and platforms that prove successful for markets in Europe and America are, more often than not, redundant in China.

Join us this coming Wednesday (May 27) for a webinar on the rise of Chinese cultural tourism. We are delighted to be joined by our partners at China Luxury Advisors and WITH Paris for this webinar.

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The hour-long webinar will examine different revenue streams being used to target Chinese travelers, the strategies of China’s tech giants Tencent and Alibaba, and how international tourism operators can position set themselves up for digital success.

Webinar structure

I. Falling foot traffic at tourist attractions & bored consumers at home

II. Learn new revenue streams & reach Chinese travelers digitally

A. Live streaming, an indispensable tool for connecting with Chinese netizens

B. WeChat Mini Programs, Tencent’s super-app is the ultimate solution

C. Discover China’s e-commerce landscape and crossover opportunities

III. Preparing for the next wave of travelers

About CLA

China Luxury Advisors Inc (CLA) is a global consultancy that advises and works collaboratively with luxury brands, tourism boards, destinations, and retailers on their China consumer strategy.

About WITH

WITH is a digital orchestration & innovation consultancy based in Paris & Madrid with a wealth of digital marketing experience in China.


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