The metaverse is not an entirely new concept. Since the early 2000s, with the emergence of virtual worlds by Second Life and Minecraft, these digital gaming environments, albeit without cryptocurrency integrations, have offered players and creators outlets for expression and interaction. 

Cultural organizations have not been immune to the appeal of these virtual spaces and increasingly, with the rising buzz of the metaverse conversation, have stepped up efforts to establish their own virtual presences. From Occupy White Walls to Fortnite to Roblox, these platforms are offering cultural institutions new opportunities to boost their programs, reach new (and younger) audiences, and expand on their digital strategies. 

To better explore why these virtual platforms matter for museums, Jing Culture & Commerce, in partnership with The Meeting Place on Spatial, will present “The Virtual Horizon: What Virtual Environments Hold For Cultural Institutions.” The webinar will be presented on May 10 in The Meeting Place, marking our first metaverse event, with audiences invited to view the discussion in real-time over Zoom. Following the webinar, Zoom attendees will have the opportunity to join and interact with the panelists in the virtual environment of The Meeting Place itself.

The virtual event will feature guest panelists Kate McGregor, Director of Education at Computer History Museum, Linda Spurdle, Head of Digital for Birmingham Museums Trust, and Benny Or, Co-Founder of The Meeting Place, who will share insights into how museums can best leverage the virtual space to enhance their programs, audience outreach, and visitor experience. McGregor and Spurdle will additionally shed light on how their respective museums have launched cultural and educational projects in the virtual environments of Minecraft and Occupy White Walls.

As Web3 looms over the horizon, this event is essential viewing for museum and cultural practitioners looking to accelerate their digital mission across multiple platforms and engage with an increasingly digitally native audience.

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