In an art world often dominated by big names and established reputations, Blind Gallery and Feral File are taking a different approach. Their upcoming “Vistas Edition” keeps the identities of its artists under wraps until the show’s finale, offering a fresh perspective on the appreciation of generative art.

Set to open to the public on September 1, 2023, this week-long digital exhibition challenges collectors to focus on the art itself, rather than the artist behind it. The big reveal, scheduled for September 6, promises to be a moment of revelation, as the creators behind the works are finally unmasked.

The collection, curated by Kaloh and Casey Reas, explores the intricate dance between natural landscapes and digital algorithms. With pieces ranging from the delicate strokes of Japanese Sumi-e to the detailed intricacies of Renaissance etchings, and even whimsical fairy-tale vistas, “Vistas Edition” is a testament to the vastness of the digital art landscape.

“The world of generative art offers a kaleidoscope of ways to interpret and reimagine landscapes,” said Kaloh, a curator for Blind Gallery. “This show is a celebration of that diversity, bringing together artists whose shared passion for nature and technology has produced truly captivating works.”

Casey Reas, co-founder of Feral File and co-curator of the event, added, “The surge of interest in generative landscapes, especially among younger artists and students, is palpable. This exhibition is a nod to that enthusiasm, spotlighting some of the most innovative creators in the field.”

Feral File, a pioneer in the realm of digital art exhibitions, continues to push boundaries, exploring new avenues for showcasing and collecting art in the digital age. With “Vistas Edition,” they’re not just presenting art; they’re offering an experience, a journey of discovery that places the art itself at the forefront.


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