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At SCOPE Miami 2023, a unique fusion of art and skateboarding has captivated audiences as Connor Tingley, in collaboration with professional skateboarder Curren Caples, presents “DIY,” an installation that transcends traditional art boundaries. The centerpiece, a monumental installation stretching over vast dimensions, crafted from wood, aluminum, steel, and featuring oil on panel, becomes a canvas for Caples’ skateboarding prowess. This interplay of art and sport creates a dynamic visual narrative.

Tingley’s work delves deep into the interplay between culture and nature, exploring the human impact on the planet in a poignant environmental commentary. The transition from day-to-night, marked by the trails of skateboard wheels, symbolizes the persistent, often overlooked, imprints of human activity. In addition, this project is a testament to the power of collaboration, bringing together filmmakers, photographers, musicians, and skaters , creating a microcosm of community and shared artistic vision.

Connor Tingley, “DIY”. Image: PR

His recent collaboration with Vault By Vans showcases his commitment to integrating his artistic vision with iconic brands. His designs for Vans, influenced by his childhood and teenage years spent in Vans plimsolls, reflect a personal connection to the brand. Tingley’s Vault By Vans collection is an expressive combination of his conceptual perspective and his experiences with the footwear, featuring smudged checkerboards and graffitied designs.

Globally recognized figures like Michèle Lamy and ASAP Nast have backed Tingley’s work. He was chosen for Lamyland collective’s “What are we skating for?” event, designing a limited-edition board. His approach to the Vans collaboration was driven by a desire to redefine the brand’s classic checkered pattern, symbolizing unity and togetherness.

Connor Tingley is a member of LAMYLAND, the collective formed by Michèle Lamy. Image: BFA

Tingley’s work extends beyond just footwear. His partnership with Nars in 2019 for a cosmetics line allowed him full creative control, showcasing his versatility as an artist. His collaborations represent a shift in the contemporary art world, where blending different mediums and breaking conventional boundaries is becoming increasingly common. In addition to Vans, Tingley collaborated with eyewear maker Jacques Marie, continuing to expand his portfolio of brand partnerships. His approach to collaborations is akin to building friendships, reflecting where he is in life and his thoughts on interacting with products.

Tingley’s latest exhibition is a feast for the senses. The vivid oil paintings contrast with the raw marks of skateboards, creating a multisensory experience. Viewers are invited to see and feel the energy and emotion conveyed through each stroke and movement. On a bigger scale, “DIY” reflects a growing trend in Southern Californian art – blending diverse mediums and breaking conventional artistic boundaries. It speaks to a new era of contemporary art that is inclusive, dynamic, and reflective of a broader range of human experiences.

Accoding to Tingley, “It’s about bringing different worlds together and finding harmony in their contrasts.” Caples adds, “This is more than skateboarding; it’s about leaving a mark that resonates beyond the ramp.” Art critics and attendees echo these sentiments, highlighting the exhibition’s innovative approach and cultural relevance.


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