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Sotheby’s Los Angeles is hosting ‘inertia,’ an innovative solo exhibition by Ryan Wilson, popularly known as ThankYouX. Opened on November 28 at their Beverly Hills gallery, this exhibition marks a pivotal moment in Sotheby’s ongoing collaboration with contemporary artists, melding traditional auction formats with direct purchase and gallery showcases.

‘inertia’ represents a significant chapter in both ThankYouX’s career and the history of Sotheby’s exhibitions. The show presents a mix of physical, digital, and hybrid artworks, showcasing ThankYouX’s exploration of movement across various mediums. Among the highlights are 13 large-scale canvases, including a striking hybrid piece that integrates a digital screen into the canvas, presenting a vivid dance of colors that transcends its physical limits.

ThankYouX, who initially rose to fame as a street artist in Los Angeles, has become a prominent figure in the digital art world since his foray into blockchain-based art in 2020. His journey from graffiti to digital art places him at the forefront of a movement that fuses traditional artistry with the digital era. His works, now a part of significant collections worldwide, have been exhibited in major cities like London, Miami, and New York.

The exhibition is a homecoming for ThankYouX in Los Angeles, emphasizing his ongoing experiments with painting and the fusion of digital and physical art forms. “Each painting in inertia is an abstract poem of motion,” says ThankYouX, capturing the essence of his artistic intent. His creations invite viewers into a dynamic realm of colors and shapes, echoing the rhythm and fluidity of movement.

ThankYouX’s collaboration with Sotheby’s dates back to their joint project ‘Physical/Digital: A Modern Diptych,’ part of the Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Day Auction in London. His works have consistently surpassed auction expectations, highlighting his rising influence in the art world.

Hosted in Sotheby’s Beverly Hills gallery, part of the auction house’s expansion on the West Coast, ‘inertia’ contributes to its history of hosting significant exhibitions since its inception in October 2021. Specializing in diverse collections and fine art, the gallery is a testament to Los Angeles’s unique cultural landscape. According to Mari-Claudia Jimenez, Sotheby’s Chairman, President, Americas, and Head of Global Business Development, “The emergence of blockchain-based digital art has revolutionized artistic creativity and market dynamics.”

‘inertia’ by ThankYouX will be on display through January 26, 2024 at Sotheby’s Beverly Hills gallery, open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm, and weekends by appointment.


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