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Global art gallery Feral File has announced the opening of Truth, a digital art exhibition that seeks to unveil the enigma of Truth as concealed within every subjective experience.

Curated by Adam Berninger, an artist, curator, founder, Rhode Island School of Design graduate, and TENDER founder, the show officially goes on view on October 12, 2023. Bidding will commence on October 19, 2023. Each artwork featured in Truth is part of an exclusive edition of 120. The first five collectors who acquire artworks before the reserve price will also receive a limited-edition physical print. 

Featured artists include Tyler Boswell, James Paterson + KC, Ella Hoeppner, Charlotte Dann, David Seven, HAL09999, and Lisa Orth. All contribute distinctive approaches to generative art by delving into numbers and algorithms. 

In this exhibition, they refocus on the abstract, working to foster an immersive period of artistic creation and to explore diverse qualities and scales inherent in the building blocks of humanity. This interpretation spans from the microscopic to the cosmic, looking to blur the boundaries between the minuscule and the monumental and their origins.


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