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Last month, artist Joshua Vides presented his exhibition “Concrete Jungle” in New York City, his latest foray into ceramics in his distinctive black-and-white artistic style, which highlighted the spirit and imagery of Canal Street and its surrounding neighborhoods.

“Concrete Jungle” served as a vivid exploration of the bustling streets of New York, with Vides capturing the essence of the city’s adventurous hunt for goods, embodying the spirit of Canal Street’s famous shopping and cultural district. This exhibition marks a significant departure from Vides’s usual mediums, showcasing his versatility and innovative approach to contemporary art.

Image: Joshua Vides

Vides, a Southern California native, has a rich background that blends streetwear, graffiti, and design. Launching his first project, CLSC, in 2009 with just $500, he quickly grew the brand into a globally recognized name in streetwear. After years of working with notable names like The Hundreds, The Seventh Letter, and Complexcon, Vides transitioned from brand ownership to pursuing his artistic dream.

This is not Vides’ first foray into the world of luxury, having collaborated with Fendi in 2020 on a range that included the iconic Peekaboo bag, poplin shirt dresses, and jeans, all adorned with his signature scribbled style. More recently, in 2023 the artist worked with Cincoro Tequila, co-owned by Michael Jordan, on a limited-edition design for their Añejo Tequila, where he reimagined the bottle and designed a unique presentation box. Also last year, Vides collaborated with Colmar on a celebratory 100th-anniversary collection that included two jackets and a reversible padded vest graced with a bold black and white print on one side and an all-black finish on the reverse, and with Scuderia Ferrari on a collection celebrating Formula 1’s return to Las Vegas.

Image: Joshua Vides

A spate of collaborations came after the 2018 launch of “Reality to Idea,” which translates his pen-and-paper creativity to a broader range of objects, showcasing his perspective in a stark black-and-white medium. Vides’ collaborations with entities like The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Fendi, MLB, Google, and New Balance reflect his growing influence and commitment to his art.

Eric Robledo, Special Projects/Assistant at REALITY TO IDEA, observes a growing interest in art among younger generations. He notes, “With the younger generation, I have seen a big interest in collectors and art lovers as the young generation now is very creative and is very keen on creating something new for the future that will make a lasting impact.” This sentiment aligns with the energetic and forward-thinking nature of Vides’s work, which resonates strongly with a youthful, creative audience.

Image: Joshua Vides

Joshua Vides’ “Concrete Jungle” served as more than an art exhibition; it’s a testament to his journey as an artist and his ability to capture the dynamic essence of urban life. His work, appealing to seasoned art collectors and a younger, creatively driven audience, highlights the evolving landscape of contemporary art and its powerful connection to urban culture and street aesthetics. As Vides continues to push boundaries and inspire others, his artistic trajectory remains a compelling narrative in the modern art scene.


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