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Los Angeles-based contemporary artist Mary Lai is set to unveil her latest exhibition, “Synchronicity,” a celebration of the magical and serendipitous connections that often occur in the world of art. Known for her versatile and innovative approach to various mediums, including art, sculpture, fashion, murals, and graphic design, Mary Lai’s work is characterized by its colorful and playful style. Her creations often feature pop icons in humorous settings, aiming to evoke positive emotional connections with her audience.

“Synchronicity” is scheduled to run from February 16 until March 3, 2024, at The Art Room in downtown Los Angeles. The exhibition promises to showcase over 25 pieces of Mary Lai’s work, each embodying the concept of synchronicity. This concept revolves around the phenomenon of seemingly unrelated events becoming intertwined and regarded as “meaningful coincidences.” For artists like Mary, these events serve as validation on their creative journey, reaffirming their chosen path.

In Mary Lai’s own words, “Meaningful coincidences seem to happen when preparation and hard work meet opportunity, validating our artistic journey.” Her upcoming exhibition is a visual manifestation of these meaningful coincidences, offering viewers an opportunity to explore the interconnectedness of art and destiny.

The Art Room, located at 908 S Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015, will be transformed into a vibrant and thought-provoking space where visitors can immerse themselves in Mary Lai’s artistic universe. The exhibition runs for two weeks, providing ample time for art enthusiasts to experience the magic of synchronicity through her creations.

Mary Lai’s journey as a multifaceted Korean-American artist reflects her belief that “art is a universal language that can speak to anyone.” Her dreamer mindset shines through in her contemporary artwork, designed to uplift and evoke emotions. Her diverse body of work includes paintings, mixed media art, digital art, large-scale murals, and sculptures.

Prior to her visual art journey, Mary built a successful career in New York for over a decade as a fashion accessories designer, even earning acclaim for her namesake handbag collection. With over 20 years of experience in art and design, Mary has collaborated with renowned brands such as HBO Max, Vayner, St. Jude, American Express, and more. Her work has been exhibited at leading art fairs and galleries worldwide, cementing her reputation as an artist who creates and curates impactful art.

“Synchronicity” promises to be an exciting exploration of meaningful coincidences and artistic journeys. Mary Lai invites all art enthusiasts to join her on this magical and serendipitous visual adventure, where art and destiny converge in a celebration of creativity and connection.


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