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Sougwen Chung, a name that recently graced the prestigious TIME100 AI list, is set to unveil her latest exhibition at London’s HOFA Gallery this October. This Chinese-Canadian artist’s work is not just a testament to her talent but a reflection of the evolving relationship between humans and artificial intelligence.

Chung’s inclusion in the TIME100 AI list, which celebrates visionaries redefining the global impact of AI, sets the stage for her upcoming exhibition titled “Relational Gestures.” Running from October 14 to 25, the exhibition promises to be a deep dive into the world of human-AI synergy in art creation.

A former MIT Media Lab fellow and Google Artist in Residence, Chung’s artistry has been showcased globally, from New York’s The New Museum to Geneva’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Her collaboration with the robotic arm DOUG (Drawing Operations Unit Generation) titled “MEMORY” was recently acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum, underscoring her prominence in the field.

The upcoming exhibition at HOFA, a hub for contemporary art and tech innovation, will feature a blend of physical paintings, digital videos, AR sculptures, and immersive media installations. These pieces aim to challenge the viewer’s perception of AI, pushing them to see beyond its utilitarian applications.

Chung’s work emphasizes the idea of “hybridity,” a concept that seeks to bridge the gap between adversarial perceptions of AI and human creativity. Her pieces, created in collaboration with AI-powered robots, are a testament to this. They challenge the viewer to look beyond traditional screens and flat interfaces, imagining a sensory-rich future where human creativity evolves alongside AI.

HOFA Co-Founder, Elio D’Anna, expressed his excitement about the upcoming show, noting that Chung’s process is as captivating as her final pieces. “Being honoured as an Innovator in the TIME100 AI list is a huge accolade and demonstrates the significance of her work,” D’Anna remarked.

Chung’s exploration into the world of AI diverges from the dominant paradigm, attracting a diverse audience ranging from art lovers to experts in robotics and machine learning. Her work with DOUG, the AI-powered robotic arm, has garnered global acclaim, solidifying her position as a pioneer in the realm of human-machine collaboration in art.

When asked about her motivation, Chung said, “I’ve seen how an interdisciplinary curiosity can be a force for breaking barriers between the arts, sciences, technology, design, and engineering. I’m interested in how art can shape our cultural imagination about technology.”

For those eager to experience Chung’s vision firsthand, “Relational Gestures” will be open to the public from October 14 to 25 at HOFA Gallery in London’s Mayfair. A press preview is scheduled for October 13, by RSVP only.


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