This post originally appeared on Jing Daily, the Business of Luxury in China, our sister site.

Any lingering doubts about how prominent a role K11 MUSEA will play in Hong Kong’s cultural scene can be set aside with the news that the waterside Kowloon development will host The Festival de Cannes Film Week from 12 to 17 November.

Though Asian directors from Akira Kurosawa to Kim Ki-duk have enjoyed success at the world’s most prestigious film festival, it has never before been hosted in Asia. The programming will include six films from Festival de Cannes 2019 as well as Q&A sessions and film masterclasses. The film festival was realized through the work of Pierre Lescure and Thierry Frémaux, President and General Delegate of Festival de Cannes respectively, in coordination with Adrian Cheng, Founder of K11.

“I am honored to partner with Mr. Pierre Lescure and Mr. Thierry Frémaux in debuting Festival de Cannes Film Week in Hong Kong and Asia,” Adrian Cheng said in a press statement. “This is an important milestone for K11 MUSEA as we look to develop an on-going program of innovative cultural events for our international audience.”

K11 MUSEA, set to open Q3 2019, is the sister art mall to K11 which launched in 2009. It has become a premier shopping destination in Hong Kong. The nine-story mall considers itself a space that blends together “art, people, and nature,” according to its official website. In addition, K11 MUSEA is set to make art and ultra-high-end shopping its focus. Accordingly, the US$2.6 billion development will boast public art collections throughout the complex as well as a 12-theatre cinema center which will also be used to hold cultural activities, theater performances and filmmaker workshops.

Transporting the spirit and glamor of the French Riviera to other parts of the world has long been an ambition of Festival de Cannes Film organizers. What better choice than Hong Kong, a bustling cosmopolitan center, known to many as Asia’s World City?